Keep your employees, your clients, and yourself comfortable through the New York’s weather by ensuring that your commercial HVAC system is working at its best. A broken HVAC unit can be uncomfortable at best and absolutely miserable at worst. Ensure your comfort all season long by getting in touch with American HVAC for all your HVAC needs! From maintenance to repair, installation to replacement, we service all makes and models of  HVAC units.

we provide commercial HVAC services within New York Metropolitan Area, our mode of operation has increased drastically whereby it’s safe for us to tell commercial business owners like you that we are proudly one of the best HVAC company within this areas.


What kind of commercial business do you run? Is it a restaurant? Is it a hospital? Whichever one! it’s ideal for an air conditioning and heating unit which is properly sized to be installed to help improve the work-rate of the HVAC unit in the coming years. Our team of high professional commercial HVAC contractors provide you with the necessary details that is pertaining to the air conditioning unit such as evaluating and recommending the requirement needed for the air conditioning unit.

Being one of the best HVAC company, here at American HVAC, we install varieties of commercial HVAC systems such as ;

  • Air Cooled Packaged Units.
  • Water Cooled packaged units
  • Light Commercial HVAC.
  • Split Unit AC.
  • Indoor Packaged Units
  • RTU HVAC (Rooftop Units) and many more.


If you fall into the category of individuals that lack proper orientation of how to maintain their HVAC system? then it’s advisable to change such habits because with you lacking such orientation, you’re exposing your air conditioning units to unlimited faults which may lead to lot of expenses for repair. If your business HVAC systems are too hot and too cold this may lead to driving your customers away and with such scenarios occurring this may lead to poor growth and sales within your business. It’s ideal for all businesses to have their air conditioning systems checked and service at least once in a calendar year and the best time such maintenance should be carried out is before the cooling season. At American HVAC, whenever you reach out to us for maintenance, we send a team of technicians that will inspect all compartments within your HVAC, clean and also change the filters and in case any of your air conditioning and heating system needs repair we provide you with feedback for such HVAC and also advise you on how such systems should be attended to.


One of the major reasons most businesses pack off is not knowing when it’s right to repair their HVAC systems. Just imagine having a lot of customers and your HVAC suddenly develops fault, how will your customers react? Very bad right? Yes, they will feel bad and sometimes leave your company with bad reviews on major top review sites. Do you want such to happen you? No, you won’t and that’s why at America HVAC, we understand how it feels when businesses face such crisis and that’s why we ensure we update you and also provide with things to look out for from your air conditioning system so as to know the next action to take whenever you notice such behavior from your HVAC systems. We know what it takes to ensure your business operate smoothly with no disturbance or delays and that’s why whenever you reach out to us for repair, we send our team of professional technicians to help detect the fault and also provide instant solution to that fault instantly. Be on top of your game by acting fast and never for once think twice if you encounter any slight change happening within your commercial HVAC systems.

Our Commercial HVAC repair services can address the following common issues:

● An HVAC unit that will not turn on
● Excessive noise or vibration during AC blowing
● Sounds from the unit with the AC working
● Fans spinning without the compressor
● System blowing warm air

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A commercial HVAC system is being created to have a lifespan of about to 10-15 years. So, whenever such air conditioning system reaches that particular stage there is high tendency that it will start showing some certain signs that it needs to be replaced. Some of those signs it might display ranges from concurrent need for repairs and also increased amount of energy bills. So, when you start experiencing all these challenges within your business, it’s advisable to replace such air conditioning systems.

When you demand for such service from us, we provide you with a team of experts in replacing commercial HVAC units. They are capable of replacing your old or damaged HVAC unit with a brand new and energetic HVAC system which suits your style of business and also with respect to your customers. Build a comfortable and reliable business with American HVAC.

Our experienced commercial HVAC technicians are here to assist you extend the life of your HVAC unit, so be sure to get in touch with us soon. We look forward to helping you maintain comfort and ease for yourself and your clients in your business. Give us a call for all your commercial air conditioning system installation and repair maintenance needs.