PTAC which is known as Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner is a type of Heating and air conditioning system which is commonly found in hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals and condominiums. It is designed in a way to go through walls with it having vents and sinks both inside and outside. PTAC units are very unique air conditioning units which provide you with cool air during hot weather days and also provide you with heat to warm your environment during cold weather days.


Whenever you discover that it’s high time you need to replace your existing PTAC unit but at that moment you noticed that replacing your existing PTAC unit with the same model or brand won’t be that easy due to older models being out of production and also in terms of efficiency it’s incomparable to the new one you are planning to replace it with. Do you know what you need to ease those thoughts that is going through your mind at that moment? Yes, the only solution is to retrofit your existing PTAC unit and here at American HVAC, we’ve provided lot of apartments, hotels, condos in New York with various Retrofitting services. So, if you’re in need of such service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us we will be at your apartment, hotel or condo in a jiffy.



American HVAC is one of the best growing air conditioning company within New York.  We have been installing and replacing air conditioners for people within New York for over 6 years. Don’t be surprised if your neighbor or friend’s Air conditioner was been replaced by us.

Unlike other air conditioning companies within New York, we offer both residential and commercial services. Our residential services ranges from residential Co-ops, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals and condominiums. So, with such diversity of services, we provide instant service to you based on the nature of the job you reach out to us for. We offer our services both in hours and days depending on the complexity of your job.

Affordable Replacement Pricing

We know what it takes towards having a house, hotel, apartment buildings and condominiums to your name and that’s why compared to other air conditioning company we provide you with hassle free replacement pricing that entails no long sales quotation that would make you feel uncomfortable and deprive you of hiring our service. We ensure you’re in the right state when conversing with you about our terms and conditions relating to the nature of the job you reached out to us for whereby the air conditioning replacing estimate can be  delivered to you via email, phone or to you in person whichever one that pleases you. All we want from you is 100% comfort whenever you opt in for our service.

Instant Replacement

With just a call from you, we send one of our top and experienced team to your rescue and within few hours of arrival they replace the old AC to the new air conditioning system of your choice. We ensure proper installations are carried out on whatever air conditioning system you want to be installed and the installation will be done within few hours.


“Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) and Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP) products set the standard for New York City which also dominates the market place for PTAC HVAC Units”.

PTHP also known as Packaged Terminal Heat pump is a ductless and heating solution for hotels, apartment buildings and condominiums. The heat pump function ascribed to the PTAC Heat Pump is one of the economical ways in which you can heat your apartment which is also dependent on the climate at whatever environment within New York your apartment, condo is in.  The PTHP has an evaporator coil facing the room to be heated and also a condenser coil that is mounted outside your apartment.



With you owning a hotel, apartment buildings and condominiums or whatever building, you may see how efficient PTAC are. Unlike other air conditioning systems or other HVAC units your PTAC units requires extensive care. At New York ductless, we are equipped with technicians that have high level of experience when it comes to repairing any brand or models of PTAC units. Just name one, we know how to repair whatever problem it’s going through.

Check out some of the problems most home owners, Commercial buildings PTAC Units we resolve at New York ductless are;

  • Leaks
  • Temperature problems
  • Noise
  • Thermostat problems
  • Poor air flow
  • Strange Odors


Keep your PTAC Unit clean

Just like every other air conditioning systems or HVAC units, cleanliness is very important for 100% working operation of PTAC unit. We noticed that dirt and dust have side effects on the operation of PTAC unit which results to spitting water, leaked coils and also other common problems such as on and off of the PTAC system. Our expert technicians ensure they clean the system thoroughly and making sure every part of your PTAC system is working perfectly.


Every model or brand manufacturer recommends a thorough cleaning of your PTAC unit at least once or twice in a month or even more than that in a year. For local or rural condition or either industry such as construction sites it’s advisable that cleaning must be done often so as to increase the efficiency of your PTAC units so as to avoid dirt and dust from piling up in various components of the PTAC Units.

How is cleaning of PTAC Units achieved?

There are various ways that a PTAC Units can be cleaned which include the use of soft bristle brush, vacuum and also with the use of a blower.  We also recommend the use of pump spray bottle, garden hose, pressure washers and steam cleaners. But with all these cleaning methods listed above they seem to be time consuming and also makes the room unusable before the PTAC is been installed. All these methods need to be done with extra care when it comes to electrical components and that’s why at American HVAC, we provide you with advanced cleaning methods which allows you to clean the PTAC Unit while it remains on the wall and also saves time.


Reasons you need to hire a PTAC heating repair professional;

If you’re having problems with your PTAC heating system and you need repair for those heating systems, you can reach out to us at American HVAC, we offer extensive heating repair services to all various models and brands of all PTAC heating systems. We have licensed and trained technicians that have been keeping various property of residential houses, commercial buildings at a very comfortable level for over 6 years. Being a professional air conditioning company, we cover all aspects of air conditioning units and most importantly PTAC repair and maintenance. So, if you’re looking for the best PTAC heating repair in NYC you can rely on us based on our efficient and affordable service we provide for our customers.

We all know electrical components especially air conditioning systems or HVAC units are liable to have faults and when you encounter such faults with your PTAC unit – you will need to hire a specialist to help resolve whatever issues your PTAC Unit is going through.

Check out some of the problems most home owners, Commercial buildings PTAC Units we resolve at American HVAC are;


When a PTAC unit is in its normal state of operation it makes some noises, which can either be hum or whir. But if you notice your PTAC heat unit making unusual noise or sounds; such as sounds you have never experienced before there is high tendency that something is wrong somewhere. The kind of unusual sounds you should take note of are knocking, buzzing, banging or even whirring of higher degree compared to the normal whir sounds it makes. It’s advisable to have the PTAC heat unit checked by a specialist or experienced professional in repairing PTAC heat Units.

Uneven Temperature

PTAC heats Units are known to be the major source of heating and also air conditioning, but when some of the components start to develop faults it hinders the performance of the PTAC unit whereby it may be difficult for the PTAC heat unit to achieve the temperature it was set to at the initial stage when been acquired. If you notice that the area where the PTAC is been installed is uncomfortably hot or cold after adjusting the thermostat, then that means there is something wrong with the PTAC unit which needs to be attended to immediately.

Unwanted Hot or Cold air

The normal operation of a PTAC unit is to produced either hot or cold air; but if the system is generating hot air when you have the air conditioning on or if the temperature of the air blowing out of it is cold when the heat is on, then that means there something wrong with one of the components which may be due to a faulty heat pump or either a damaged thermostat whichever one!


  1. How do I know which PTAC is the right size for my needs?


Before acquiring a PTAC in terms of its size, you need to consider its British Thermal Unit which is also called BTU rating. It is much more complicated than just considering the size of the PTAC unit that suits your apartment. Other factors are also put into consideration such as condition, insulation and as well as the building’s age need to be checked out.


  1. Does PTAC provide heat as well as air conditioning?


Yes, PTACs are known for providing comfort which entails both heating and cooling. PTAC is equipped with a heat pump or electric heating system.  Heat pumps are less expensive to operate compared to electric heat but the cost of operation is dependent on the climate your apartment, condos or hotels is in that will determine the heating system that will be favorable to you.