The comfort level of a home or business is largely determined by the efficacy of its HVAC system. Here at American HVAC, we know how important your air conditioning and heater are during the extreme weather seasons. Ensuring your HVAC system gets the proper maintenance and care it needs is what we do! There are many benefits to hiring the professionals when it comes to HVAC. We’ve listed some of them here.


First and foremost, hiring a professional Manhattan HVAC contractor ensures nobody in your home is injured by the HVAC system. There are all kinds of dangers to working with HVAC, from serious cuts on sharp fan blades or frayed wires, dangerous electric shocks, to toxic chemical inhalation. In fact, it is not even legal to work with Freon without a certification. Avoid all of this danger when you leave the job to the professionals.


HVAC systems are complex. Installing them is complex. Repairing them is complex. Many a DIYer has thrown their hands up in frustration after starting an HVAC project. When you hire out to the professionals, not only will they have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right the first time, but they will have their processes down pat to ensure it is done within an efficient time frame. The most important thing to avoid from DIY HVAC work is improper installation or repairs, which tend to be very costly down the line.


A professional HVAC company is hopefully going to have all kinds of certifications that not only prove their expertise, but may even allow you to take advantage of certain warranties. Here at American HVAC, we offer a warranty, a maintenance guarantee, and have troubleshooting services available. We are EPA certified technicians with VRF and VRV training. With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, our technicians are highly trained and certified.

Service Contracts

A professional HVAC company is likely going to offer service contracts that can save you lots of money on repairs. With regular maintenance and upkeep, the life of and HVAC system can be greatly extended. Here at American HVAC, we offer service and maintenance contracts for both residential and commercial needs. Don’t wait until you need costly repairs to call a Manhattan HVAC contractor; catching a problem early is the best way to save money down the line!

Don’t trust just any HVAC contractor with your home’s cooling and heating needs. Here at American HVAC, we are not happy with our job until you are satisfied. Our favorite way to grow is through word of mouth, and we are on a mission to leave a trail of happy clients! Trust the HVAC company with over 20 years of experience. If you have any questions about our HVAC services, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!